About Us

Our Mission

To simplify the research and procurement of flow control products in an online environment while making the products available to all regions of the world.

Our Vision

To provide an online platform which allows our partner suppliers to reach a global customer base and spend more time focusing on development and production.


Big Iron Flow Control Ltd. was incorporated due to a need in the market for an online marketing and sales platform for Canadian built, in stock products specific to upstream oil & gas well services.


Big Iron Flow Control was originally created as an internal resource for a fabricator to track all available third-party flow control products and their distinct attributes, properties and prices.

Prior to creating the database, it was very labor-intensive for the applications, engineering, estimating and procurement departments to research, evaluate, quote for internal/external projects and procure flow control equipment. 

As our systems and projects evolved, we began building out a custom flow control parts database and through continuous improvement we have ended up here, with Big Iron Flow Control bringing our hard work and lessons learned to you.

It is our hope that we can leverage our work to help you speed up your processes to become more efficient and accurate. As end users and packagers of equipment which require extensive flow control products, we feel confident that we can support you and your teams with any and all technical, commercial or logistics related challenges you may be facing.


There are countless benefits of using Big Iron Flow Control but here is our top list of reasons:

  • We feature North American built products that are typically interchangeable with most major brands and cost significantly less with equivalent or higher quality.
  • Our site is simple and straight forward yet has extensive RELEVANT details which can be used to filter and quickly locate the right item
  • We provide an intuitive user experience that is constantly improving with your valuable feedback
  • We are experts in our field with firsthand experience and knowledge of each and every part we sell. Our technical team is always on standby to provide you with any support you may require.
  • The highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.
  • We offer an extensive selection of hard to find products
  • Our Compare tool allows you to compare specs of multiple items side by side to ensure you are buying the most appropriate items and not just buying a item because that’s what is always purchased.
  • Our flexibility and experience with logistics helps ensure you receive your order on time whether its shipped by mail, courier, truck, cargo ship or rush air freight.
  • With our technical experience, close OEM relationships and relentless desire to see our customers succeed, we are well positioned to help you with any requests for custom parts or project solutions as needed.
  • Thanks to our close relationships with the OEMs, existing users of the brands we offer are able to complete purchases on our website and use their existing credit account and established pricing if already in place with the OEM.
  • Our OEM vendors are strictly regulated by various agencies and governing bodies with regards to the design, testing and manufacturing of their products which include: American Petroleum Institute (API), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), National Board (NB), Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA)
Canadian Built Quality
Competitive Prices
"Big Iron Flow Control Products helped us overcome a very challenging supply chain issue under budget and ahead of schedule. We will be working with their team again!"

- Edward D (Canada)
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Markets Served:

  • Well Service Contractors
  • Exploration and Production Companies
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies (including fabricators)

(purpose of use):

  • Early Production Facility
  • Extended Well Test
  • Well Testing
  • Stimulation / Frac Flow Back
  • Well Control
  • Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracing)
  • Snubbing
  • Well Service Rig
  • Drilling Rig
  • Well Casing Cementing
  • Equipment Rental Companies
  • Well Completions, Production, Facilities
  • Well Interventions or Well Workovers

Environmental Conditions:


  • Artic snow and cold
  • Desert sand and heat

(Ocean, Lake or Swamp)

  • Fixed Platform
  • Semi-Submersible Platform
  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs)
  • Jack Up Rigs
  • Drill ships
  • Floating production, storage and offloading systems (FPSO)
  • Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU)